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Pilgrim, a Pacific Northwest poet, welcomes you!

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Poem of the month

Eating the good life

I carve neat edges off self-deprecation,
for once settle in a fine ristorante,

sip dry Kolo Toure martinis, 
study the menu, identify its font --


not Mistral, maybe Gil Sans or Papyrus --   
finally decide to feast on Foie gras


accompanied by orange xocopili chocolate, 
frog legs coated with peanuts
served beside celery and coconut mousse, 
then a platter of milk-fed lamb

in herb cocotte, along with lemon paste
and eggplant coriander polenta,

veal sweetbread, followed by Arabica coffee,
creme brulee, figs steeped in Armagnac, 
giving me just enough confidence 
to imagine sheets of dry filo dough 

blowing up a gorge and briefly believe
my life will go viral in Norway.

                          Timothy Pilgrim

   (copyrighted Timothy Pilgrim photo: self-portrait at Zion National Park)

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