Timothy Pilgrim, a Pacific Northwest poet whose work explores loss, hope and redemption, gives you a warm (and hopeful) welcome! 

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Pilgrim published poems (linked above too) has more than 200 published and accepted poems -- each accompanied by a Pilgrim photo.

His work has appeared in dozens of literary journals and is included in Idaho's Poets: A Centennial Anthology (University of Idaho Press), Tribute to Orpheus II (Kearney Street Books), Weathered Pages: The Poetry Pole (Blue Begonia Press) and the forthcoming Bellingham Poems (Flying Trout Press).

New, raw, unpublished poems are located at Pilgrim's newest poems.

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Pilgrim also posts mass media educational material and provides links to alternative media voices. Explore information about the rich getting richer in America, government lies and propaganda, fake journalism, and a potpourri of media criticism at his Western Washington University site, Timothy Pilgrim -- poet and teacher. He is emeritus associate professor of journalism there.

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New Pilgrim poem

No Ooray hope

Rockies teated, staggered rows,
raw wind thrown down ragged slopes,

summits frozen, dolloped white, 
backdropped stars put out by night,


Colorado town dark below,
charred love recalled,


gone black to ice. Tent frosted,
campfire cold -- hunched alone


creep inside, breathe out light, 
dream of sleep, or try to try.
                               Timothy Pilgrim

   (copyrighted Timothy Pilgrim photo: self-portrait at Zion National Park)

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