Timothy Pilgrim, Pacific Northwest poet whose poems have themes including love, loss, hope and redemption, welcomes you! 

Below, sample a new poem (changed every few weeks).

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In addition, Pilgrim's poems can be found in Noisy Water, an anthology of Whatcom County, Wash., poets (Other Mind Press); Poetry Walk: The Second Five Years (Poetry Walk Press); Idaho's Poets: A Centennial Anthology (University of Idaho Press); Tribute to Orpheus II (Kearney Street Books); and Weathered Pages: The Poetry Pole (Blue Begonia Press).


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Stories of the pioneer life of the family of Ella P. Jordan Dale -- called Memoirs: Life on the Farm for the Seven Jordan Sisters 1890-1919, and edited by Dale -- can be purchased as an e-book from (where the Kindle format is available),,,, ibooks at Apple and others.Mappingwaterbookcover.jpg


 In addition, as emeritus associate professor, Pilgrim offers information about the rich in America getting richer, government lies and propaganda, fake journalism, and a potpourri of media criticism -- as well as links to dozens of ALTERNATIVE MEDIA -- at his Western Washington University site, Timothy Pilgrim -- poet and teacher


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New Pilgrim poem

Working with wind at Canyon de Chelly
Near precipice rim, Navajo youth,
flute to lips, turns, bends a bit.
He catches breeze, sends song below
to haunt stream, ruins, jimsonweed,
salt cedar, Russian olive trees.
Echoes dance off sandstone cliffs,
float by ancient women herding goats.
Ducks etched on canyon wall,
red, green, gold, listen with hope,
waiting to swim should Chinle Wash
flow wide again. The notes rise,
drift away to Pueblo Bonito, place
beyond the horizon -- there, home,
dissipate. Tourists arrive, take photos, 
buy CDs as Navajo children nearby 
play small flutes under pinyon trees.
                              Timothy Pilgrim

   (copyrighted photo by Eugene Dale: Timothy Pilgrim)

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