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Mapping water, his book of poems from a year ago, can be purchased from nonprofit publisher, Flying Trout Press.

Pilgrim's poetry is also included in Noisy Water, an anthology of poets in Whatcom County of Washington (Other Mind Press); Poetry Walk: The Second Five Years (Poetry Walk Press); Idaho's Poets: A Centennial Anthology (University of Idaho Press); Tribute to Orpheus II (Kearney Street Books); Weathered Pages: The Poetry Pole (Blue Begonia Press); and Bellingham Poems (Flying Trout Press)


See more of his photography and the work of writer and editor, Carolyn Dale (his wife) at Carolyn Dale -- writer and editor. Her monthly humorous, informative, witty essays are available in the BLOG section called Present Imperfect.

An e-book of stories of the pioneer life of the Ella P. Jordan Dale family -- called Memoirs: Life on the Farm for the Seven Jordan Sisters 1890-1919 (edited by Carolyn Dale) is available from (with a Kindle format),,,, ibooks at Apple and others.

 As an emeritus associate professor at Western Washington University, Pilgrim also provides information about the rich in America getting richer, government lies and propaganda, fake journalism, and a potpourri of media criticism -- as well as links to dozens of ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. See his WWU website, Timothy Pilgrim -- poet and teacher

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New Pilgrim poem

No day to be named after a gerund
(with a nod to Alex Vouri)
I dream I am a famous tenor
stripped of my tucked-in shirt. I sing
in the shower, extra practice
so I can bellow high notes 
in an ice-cave opera, the echo
adding strength to my refrains.
Later, I am reprimanded for performing
in the southern hemisphere,
where songs leak counter-clockwise 
down plastic drains, lose power
at the bend, leave me without breath 
before the aria ends — nameless, 
just another guilty white guy
who will have to be remembered
by putting all my shit in a museum.
                               Timothy Pilgrim


   (copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo: Timothy Pilgrim behind cairn, Table Mountain, near Mt. Baker, Washington state)

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