Timothy Pilgrim, a Pacific Northwest poet whose work explores loss, hope and redemption, gives you a warm (and hopeful) welcome! 

Below, sample a newer poem -- he posts a different one every few weeks.

Pilgrim published poems (linked above too) includes 252 published and accepted poems -- each accompanied by one of Pilgrim's photo.

His work has appeared in several dozen online and print literary journals -- and in anthologies, collections and other publications.

Pilgrim poems can also be found in Idaho's Poets: A Centennial Anthology (University of Idaho Press), Tribute to Orpheus II (Kearney Street Books) and Weathered Pages: The Poetry Pole (Blue Begonia Press).

In addition, he is one of three authors of Bellingham Poems (published 2014 by Flying Trout Press, a nonprofit publisher -- the book is available to order online at Bellingham Poems -- cover shown below left).


All his new unpublished poems are available here (also linked at the upper right): Pilgrim new unpublished poetry

His older unpublished poems can be found here: Pilgrim older unpublished poems

Pilgrim also posts mass media educational material and provides links to alternative media voices.

 If you wish, explore information about the rich getting richer in America, government lies and propaganda, fake journalism, and a potpourri of media criticism at his Western Washington University site, Timothy Pilgrim -- poet and teacher. He is emeritus associate professor of journalism there.

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New Pilgrim poem

Yellowstone hot pool
Midnight impulse -- hike with friends
to Firehole River, swim in icy water 
flowing black as Old Faithful spews
white geysers toward stars 
somewhere east. The hope --
strip to bra and panties, dive deep
into frigid river, later shiver 
in towels with friends on the bank.
No way to know in darkness
the narrow stream she leaps
feeds a boiling sulfur pool,
thin-crusted for her landing.  
Splash, plunge, someone reaches in, 
grabs scalded hair, yanks her out. 
She stands there, steaming, 
sees flesh ooze off her fingers, 
has no doubt she is now dead.
Before pricks of a million needles 
turn into bright pain, before sobs 
become shrill screams,
she recites brief final messages --
love to mother, brother, dad.
The helpless watch her hot tears flow
as hope drips onto cool grass.
                              Timothy Pilgrim

   (copyrighted photo by Eugene Dale: Timothy Pilgrim)

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