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Pilgrim is an associate professor emeritus of journalism at WWU in Bellingham. Find media- and writing/editing-related information at his main WWU website: Tim Pilgrim -- poet & teacher

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Poem of the month


Most famous poets do it -- 

drift in at the last moment, 


hair a mess, wearing tweed jacket, 

cotton shirt or flowing print dress.


At the podium,  they smile kindly, 

offer excuses for being late --

stopped to watch a clock tower burn,

heard it chime out in fright,


saw blackened doves take flight.

They reach into a ragged pack


or floppy purse, finally bring out

the latest volume of their work,


signal the moment may be near 

 but search pockets for glasses,


ask for water -- with lots of ice,

adjust the microphone, tap it, 


say the book is for sale afterward. 

 At last, they begin to read,


mouth each word as if it were

the round nub of a chicken bone. 


No doubt, they intend to suck out

every last bit of marrow.

                             Timothy Pilgrim

   (copyrighted Timothy Pilgrim photo: self-portrait at Zion National Park)

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