Pilgrim published poetry


All of Timothy Pilgrim's published and accepted poems -- 264 of them, each accompanied by a Pilgrim photo -- are linked below.

Recent Pilgrim poems (31 so far in 2015) include newly published or accepted ones such as "I cannot do the splits," "Out of Missoula," "Tent not taken," "Summer maid," "Traitor Joe," "Packing tattoos," "Lucky," "Lie at a slow pace," "Mourning becomes eclectic," "Hooking black sky," "Reciting night sky" and "Bituminous nightmare." 

In 2013 and 2014, try poems such as "One-mime town," "Breathing snow," "Chicken," "Choppy water," "Gerunds running down my leg," "Smudging," "Ken Burns effect (recently accepted for a poetry collection as well)," "Too much gossamer," "Gestapo glaciers," "Zigzag mowing" or "Water birthing."

Under 2011-12, try poems like "300 streams of memory," "Painting lesson (also recently accepted for re-publication in a poetry anthology)," "Missed connections" or "Two dogs, one stick." 

Earlier poems like "Vacuuming your cat" or "Destined to rhyme" or "Seduced by metaphor" or "Angle of repose" -- even Pilgrim's first poem, "The woods near our home" -- are good bets too.



Pilgrim sample poem -- 2015



We sleep molded, spooned in peace,
me behind, arm draped over side, 


hand by breast, no longer locked,
damp, intense, sheets mussed,


lips pressed. Now, eyes closed, 
each breath's easy flow, dream --


fortuitous love, happenstance,
magic, luck, fluke, like lying


amid jasmine, a whole field 
swaying gold, then by chance, you,


lithe guide, opening a slim path
for me to slip through.

                             Timothy Pilgrim

   (published by Poetry Quarterly, 2015)


(copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo: Timothy Pilgrim on Blackcomb Mountain, B.C.)