Pilgrim published poetry


Timothy Pilgrim's published and accepted poems -- over 325 of them, each accompanied by a photo, most of them Pilgrim's -- are linked below.

Recent Pilgrim published or accepted poems (62 in 2016) include "War memorial" "Homage," "Dreaming on key," "Afghanistan misery index," "Finally talking to a guru in India," "Claiming, not owning," "Drying tear, sullen sky," "Final say," "Taut too," "No mending love," "Silenced night" and "Revolutions."

Poems from 2015 include those such as "Mapping water," "Little adobe something-or-other in Santa Fe," "I cannot do the splits," "Out of Missoula," "Tent not taken" and "Summer maid." 

In 2013 and 2014, poems like "One-mime town," "Breathing snow," "Chicken," "Choppy water," "Gerunds running down my leg," "Smudging," "Ken Burns effect," "Too much gossamer," "Gestapo glaciers," "Zigzag mowing" and "Water birthing" were published.

In 2011-12, poems like "300 streams of memory," "Painting lesson (republished in a poetry anthology)," "Missed connections" and "Two dogs, one stick" were published. 

Earlier poems include the likes of "At the Nez Perce camp with Spirit Woman," "Vacuuming your cat," "Destined to rhyme," "Seduced by metaphor,"  "Angle of repose" and even Pilgrim's first poem, "The woods near our home."



Pilgrim sample poem -- 2016


The bitter end

When she becomes remote, 
draws black curtains over green eyes, 
keeps you, your touch, at bay, 
know no way exists 
to foster hope. You see, she's folded 
your memory -- creased it really,
really creased it -- placed it
at the end  of a scrapbook she calls 
her life. All bits tossed away for good --
for you, for bad. She's whirled off 
in dirty wind,  gone coffin gray.
Time for you to fade, decay.
                             Timothy Pilgrim
   (published by Convergence, 2016)


(copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo: Timothy Pilgrim on Blackcomb Mountain, B.C.)