Pilgrim published poetry


Timothy Pilgrim's accepted and published poems -- 390 of them, each accompanied by a photo or photo-illustration, most of them Pilgrim's -- are linked below.

Recent Pilgrim published or accepted poems (36 thus far in 2017) include the likes of "First sign of wind," "No release," "Call waiting," "Storm," "Not biting," "Sweet peace," "Executive orders," "Still glow," "Cairn," "Wedding rescue" and "Homeless night watchman."

Good bets from 2016 include "Past tents," "Light found to have weight," "Vacuuming around the dead," "War memorial" "Homage," "Silenced night" and "Revolutions."

From 2015, try "Mapping water," "Out of Missoula" and "Tent not taken." 

From prior years, choose "Breathing snow," "Chicken," "Ken Burns effect," "300 streams of memory," "At the Nez Perce camp with Spirit Woman," "Vacuuming your cat," "Destined to rhyme," "Seduced by metaphor,"  "Ruling out indictment," "Angle of repose" and even Pilgrim's first poem, "The woods near our home."

Five poems -- "After the falls" and "Half lithe," accepted by Prole Press in the U.K., "Full of yourself" and "Summer hymn," accepted by Red River Review" and "Gone to rubble," accepted by Black Fox Literary Magazine -- cannot be available here for a time (under publication rules specified by the journals). Check for those poems here later!

(copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo: Timothy Pilgrim on Blackcomb Mountain, B.C.)