Timothy Pilgrim at Canyon de ChellyPilgrim published poetry

All of Timothy Pilgrim's published and accepted poems -- more than 200 of them, each accompanied by a Pilgrim photo -- are linked below.

Under 2013 and 2014-15, give a read to poems such as "One-mime town," "Breathing snow," "Chicken," "Choppy water," "Gerunds running down my leg," "Smudging," "Ken Burns effect," "Too much gossamer," "Gestapo glaciers," "Zigzag mowing" or "Water birthing."

Under 2011-12, try poems like "300 streams of memory," "Painting lesson," "Missed connections" or "Two dogs, one stick." 

Earlier poems like "Vacuuming your cat" or "Destined to rhyme" or "Seduced by metaphor" or "Angle of repose" -- or Pilgrim's first poem, "The woods near our home" -- are a good bet too.


Pilgrim sample poem -- 2014

This poem contains images
known in the State of California

to cause hope, wonder
and sometimes ability to think --


maybe even glimpse a sleek symbol 
rising from metaphors to the east.

In Utah, it is known
to cause no dawn.
   (published by Electric Windmill Press, 2014)

(copyrighted Timothy Pilgrim photo: self-portrait at Zion National Park)