Pilgrim poetry -- 2016



Pilgrim had 82 poems accepted or published in 2016 (most linked below & several published in multiple journals).

Two poems, "Dry rope" and "Real man howls," which were not available here because of journal policy, are now available below -- or at Toasted Cheese -- Pilgrim link.

Two other poems -- "After the falls" and "Half lithe," published by Prole Press in the U.K. -- are now available below as the "no-posting time period" required by the publisher has passed.

Poems of note include "Past tents," "Light found to have weight" and "Vacuuming around the dead," published near the end of the year.

"Lit exam," "Homage," "Wrong a lot," "Benchmark," "Taut too," "No mending love" and "Silenced night" were published earlier.

Others published near the beginning of the year include "Missoula possums," "Diagramming love," "If God searches your room," "The bitter end" and a re-publication of  "At the Nez Perce camp with Spirit Woman."

Thirty-one of the poems are republications appearing in Pilgrim's January 2016 book, Mapping Water (Flying Trout Press).


   (copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo of Timothy Pilgrim and gray jays on Blackcomb Mountain, B.C.)