Pilgrim poetry -- 2017



For 2017, Pilgrim had 52 poems accepted or published by year's end.

"Beginning of forgetting," "Montana condolences, of a kind," "No day to be named after a uvula," "Cairnly power," "Almost," "Existential diagram," "Montana harvest," "Migratory text," "Who's counting, "No absolution," "First sign of wind," "No release," "Call waiting," "Storm," "Not biting," "Still glow," "Viral in Norway," "Read-out," "Ravel," "Books on the way out," "Miasma" and "Cairn" are among the most recent.

Two poems -- "Full of yourself" and "Summer hymn," published by Red River Review  -- were added below late in the year after they had completed the no-posting time period required by the journal.

Four other poems, "Summer maid" (being used again by Carnival Literary Magazine in a forthcoming anthology of its best work), "Ken Burns Effect" (accepted by Harbinger Asylum) and "Breathing snow" and "This being America, there were patriots present" (accepted by Poetry Pacific), are being republished.

One poem -- "Gone to rubble," accepted by Black Fox Literary Magazine -- was not available to be posted here under publication rules specified by the journal. Check for it in 2018.  Also, "War memorial," accepted in 2016 by War, Literature & the Arts, was published in 2017 and is now available below.



   (copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo of Timothy Pilgrim and gray jays on Blackcomb Mountain, B.C.)