Pilgrim poetry -- 2018



Pilgrim begins 2018 having had 52 poems accepted or published in 2017 -- and 3 accepted so far in the new year.

"Several supple weasels" is the most recent poem accepted in 2018.

Those snapped up just before year's end were "Miasma," "Beginning of forgetting," "Montana condolences, of a kind," "Cairnly power," "Almost," "Existential diagram" and "Montana harvest." 

Four other poems, "Summer maid" (being used again by Carnival Literary Magazine in a forthcoming anthology of its best work), "Ken Burns Effect" (accepted by Harbinger Asylum) and "Breathing snow" and "This being America, there were patriots present" (accepted by Poetry Pacific), were also being republished, likely in 2018.

Three poems -- "Gone to rubble," accepted by Black Fox Literary Magazine and "God walks out of math proficiency exam" and "When I went out to hang myself," accepted by Red River Review -- won't be available here for a time (under publication rules specified by the journals). Check later!