I promise -- we'll hold hands 

dawn to dusk, dream one dream, 

sleep intertwined. Cuddle


each night, spot the same star, 

wish the same wish. I'll give

endless gifts, kiss the deepest kiss.


We'll eat the same food, split

every dish. Share one job,

co-sign loans, carpool to work,


embrace all the way home.

It'll be perfect love. Or, come close.

Pretty much one dream,


 nearly the same wish. A few gifts,

quite a deep kiss. More or less,

every dish. At least one loan.


Part of the way home. Romance 

filled with bliss -- almost.

In the beginning, quite a bit.

                            Timothy Pilgrim

   (accepted by Foliate Oak -- copyrighted Timothy Pilgrim photo: peacock showing off, Crete)