Click here for wind-up monkey


I'm online, long time,

searching for a slingshot


to accelerate existence ---

low-point life, any new direction


will suffice. Hide my eyes,

blind-click mouse, fate decides


my prize, a YouTube

wind-up monkey dance.


Belly-key twisted tight, red dunce cap 

hanging down, sad-faced monkey,


cymbals high, begins to rise,

clash brass, crash, vibrate windows, 


ceiling, house. Monkey bounces

across the floor, applauds


old lovers, Youtube viewers,

primates past, private monkey


wind-up shaft. He writhes, 

thrashes, squats then slows --


pauses mid-clap, quivers,

stops, mournful face frozen,    


iced in pixels of displeasure --  

both of us, pitiful, all danced out.

                              Timothy Pilgrim