Snapshot of University life with no Vietnam to steer by


Rip 1970s protest photo into fourths,

toss it into wind. Each piece blows away,

finds lone hiding place, sags there


limp against another rain. One bit drifts

to Fraternity Row -- Audis, Volvos,

Greeks martinied house to house,


pledges sent to save all seats

for the Husky football game.

Another whirls to Montlake --


stadium bleachers facing off,

two ducks quacking about the team.

It settles on some unread playbook,


cover doodle, a Rose Bowl ring.

A third finds home, prof’s condo sill,

thick pile of essays, pages yellowed,


grayed, not yet read. One final bit

touches down, dorm abuzz, final hope

in purple dusk – students, angry,


chanting, surreal tear-gas scene,

full-blown protest over removal

of the chocolate milk machine.

                             Timothy Pilgrim