Pilgrim older unpublished poetry


Below, try out some of Pilgrim's earlier poems, such as "All the ruins on the map."

Or, perhaps, "Reading," "Not stomping 'I love you' in the snow" or "After the kill."

Some of the poems here (all still being revised) will vanish after being accepted for publication -- as happened recently with "Books on the way out," "Hope synchs," "Please," "Read-out," "Question of humility," "Dry rope," "Real man howls," "Second person," "My last professor" and "Afghanistan misery index."

And, earlier with "Final say," "She-devil," "The bitter end," "Packing tattoos," "Lilac moon," "Mourning becomes eclectic," "Hooking black sky," "Salt over the left shoulder," "Claiming, not owning," "Drying tear, sullen sky" and "Reciting night sky."

Enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

For his latest poems, go to Pilgrim new unpublished poetry (or click upper right). 

   (copyrighted Carolyn Dale photo: Timothy Pilgrim on Blackcomb Mountain, B.C.)